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Root Canal Therapy in Austin, Texas

Every year, many teeth are saved with the help of root canal therapy in Austin, Texas. At Lakecreek Family Dental, we offer this endodontic therapy procedure that removes damaged or infected pulp in a patient’s tooth. During an initial dental examination with one of...

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How a Top Dentist in Austin, Texas Can Help You

If you need a dentist for any dental services, a top dentist from Lakecreek Family Dental of Austin, Texas is a great choice.  Our dental professionals have nearly thirty years of experience and will offer you the most comprehensive and modern dental care available in...

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Find Best Dental Services in Austin, Texas

Maintaining the health of your teeth is so important to your overall health throughout life.  The best way to do this is to have regular checkups with a dentist you know you can trust.  You can rely on Lakecreek Family Dental of Austin, Texas to meet all of your...

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You Can Trust a Great Family Dentist in Austin, Texas

Whether you're new in the area or have lived around here all your life, having a reliable family dentist that you're comfortable with is an absolute necessity.  Keeping your teeth healthy will go a long way toward keeping the rest of your body healthy as well, and the...

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General Dentistry You Can Rely on in Austin, Texas

Our teeth and gums are not an isolated system that exists separately from the rest of our bodies, and when they are not healthy, neither are we.  Keeping your mouth healthy is a way of ensuring that your general health will be good as well.  An experienced general...

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How an Emergency Dentist Can Help You in Austin, TX

We hope that dental emergencies are a rarity in your life. However, if you are suffering from one, our professional team at Lakecreek Dental can help you. A dental emergency can happen at any time, after hours, on weekends, and more. We can provide you immediate...

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Invisalign Can Correct Your Bite in Austin, Texas

Having teeth that are out of alignment can cause many difficulties, including the inability to thoroughly clean the teeth as well as a compromised bite with chipped and damaged enamel.  Invisalign is a method that is used to straighten teeth that is clear and is...

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Dental Veneers in Austin, Texas

At Lakecreek Dental in Austin, Texas, our professional dental team can examine a patient’s teeth to decide whether they are a viable candidate for dental veneers. These veneers are thin pieces of materials that are used to alter the appearance of natural teeth. They...

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Dental Implants Improve Function of Teeth in Austin, Texas

As we age, most of us develop some tooth loss, decay, or damage to our teeth.  This can cause the teeth or gums to become infected and can lead to bone loss and loss of general function and ability to chew well.  It can also be detrimental to one's appearance and...

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