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Endodontics is a specific branch of dentistry that deals with the structure found inside the teeth. The term endodontics means inside the tooth and relates to anything found within the tooth, including the pulp, tissues, and nerves. An endodontist in Austin, Texas from Lakecreek Family Dental has the training necessary to perform procedures such as root canal therapy. The goal of endodontics is to save a tooth that has a diseased nerve.

Signs You Need a Root Canal

When you are experiencing any of these signs, it’s important to visit an endodontist in Austin quickly. These signs that you may need a root canal can include:

·         Tooth sensitivity

·         Pain

·         Inflamed or tender gums

Ultimately, endodontic treatment is done in order to save the natural tooth. Our job as your endodontist is to do precisely that.

Causes of Tooth Damage

Tooth damage can be caused by many things. Bacterial infections and oral bacteria are a major cause of endodontic issues. Bacteria can get into the tooth pulp, causing tooth decay or injury. The inflammation that ensues and the infection can lead to abscesses.

Chips or fractures: When a large part of the surface of the tooth is damaged, root canal therapy may be needed.

Injuries: Injuries to the teeth can cause a tooth to become loose from the socket. Root canal therapy is usually needed after the tooth is properly stabilized.

About Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy takes several dental visits to complete at our Austin Texas dental office. First, we take x-rays before any dental treatments are done. After we determine you need a root canal, we administer local anesthetic and a dental dam to make sure that the surgical area remains free of saliva. An opening is made into the surface of the diseased tooth, and the pulp is completely removed. Next, space is shaped, cleaned, and filled thoroughly. A cement is applied to make sure that the root canals are sealed off to avoid infection. A temporary filling is placed to restore functionality before the permanent restoration visit. A crown is placed later on.

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