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Unfortunately, sometimes, the need for oral surgery is imminent. At Lakecreek Family Dental in Austin, Texas, we have the experience and training needed in order to perform a variety of oral surgery procedures. To determine whether or not you need oral surgery in Austin, a dental examination and cleaning are required. Oral and maxillofacial surgery is a facet of oral surgery. Our oral specialists perform surgeries in our Austin, Texas dental office.

About Teeth Extractions

A common oral surgery type is tooth extraction. They are often needed to resolve a disease, trauma, or even if the mouth is overcrowded. Teeth are pulled with forceps with a simple extraction. A surgical extraction may be needed if the bone or tissue must be cut to remove the tooth. These extractions usually require stitches to close the wound.

About Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are the third molars in the back of the mouth. If they have cavities or decay or perhaps are misaligned, these teeth may need to be removed. They may become decayed, or gum disease has begun because they are hard to clean and floss. Trapped food can lodge and cause infection too, leading to the need for wisdom teeth extractions. Our professional dental team can examine your teeth and let you know whether a wisdom tooth extraction is required. The process is simple, and the healing process is generally done in just a few days.

What is an Impacted Tooth Extraction?

An impacted tooth is a tooth that fails to pass through the gums because something prevents it from erupting. This can be a cyst, another tooth, the position of another tooth or soft tissue. If a wisdom tooth fails to emerge or does partially, it is considered to be impacted. Patients can develop issues related to impacted wisdom teeth leading to their need to be removed. An impacted tooth extraction most likely will require surgical extraction. Removal of gum tissue and bone overlying the tooth to get to the impacted tooth is necessary.

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